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Better Group Decision Making with Systemic Consensing

Systemic Consensing

  • creates solutions and decisions with maximum acceptance and minimum resistance resulting in a powerful implementation process
  • automatically shifts the group energy from conflict to solution finding
  • supports co-creation, cooperation and creativity of all participants
  • stops endless discussions, the win-loose-game and weak compromises
  • is the ideal method for decision making (not only) for collaborative groups and organisations

Systemic Consensing enables groups and organisations to streamline their process for group decision making and at the same time to strengthen cooperation and creativity of all participants. The results will be close to consensus and the quality of the solutions much higher than expected. By using Systemic Consensing the energy usually wasted in conflicts and ego-driven activities will be shifted automatically to the co-creative development of great solutions. Objections are used to collaboratively improve the suggestions so that there is a high level of acceptance  for the final decision by all participants. Systemic Consensing is successfully used by hundreds of non-profit-organisations and intentional communities in Germany and Austria and gains increasing popularity at companies using agile principles.

The participants of the free 2-hour workshop will understand the principles and the process of Systemic Consensing and will be able to apply it to their own (smaller) decision making challenges.

More than 2.000 people from more than 500 non-profit organisations, communities and companies attended this training over the last 6 months and became enthusiastic collaborative decision makers.

Sven Jung is a moderator and senior trainer for Systemic Consensing, teacher for  mindfulness, consultant for community building, permaculture-designer and consultant for holistic organisational  and human resources development. He had been trained by the inventors of Systemic Consensing at Graz/Austria and is dedicated to spreading this great method around the globe. He developed an advanced version of Systemic Consensing which makes it even more easy to use it for great results.

Systemic Consensing is a method based on respect for the fellow human beings.

Dr. Erich Visotschnig
Co-originator of "Systemic Consensing", ISYKONSENS International


The online training is super professional and inspiring. The method "Systemic Consensing" seems to be much better than everything else I have seen before. I am looking forward to use it together with teh board members of the NGO I am working for.

Daniel Engstler - Member of the board of the Permaculture Academy Germany e.V.

Systemic Consensing is a very effective and economic possibility for decision making processes and to obtain an idea about the common mood.

I used it straight away for an important decision at my yoga-teacher-training. Within a few minutes we were able to make the decision which usually would have taken more than half an hour. And we even found a solution which we probably wouldn´t had considered without the use of Systemic Consensing.

Thank you very much for this professional training.

Joachim Bär - Network Conscious Living e.V. and Yoga-Academy Baden

A really great method to deal with different opinions in groups in a appreciative way and to generate the best solution possible. The difference to majority voting is quite stunning especially since no one feels left behind when applying Systemic Consensing even in difficult situations.

The training was presented in a very structured way and with a lot of examples from the field so that the content was very easy to grasp.

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Schröder, co-founder and CEO of a solar park


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